How to add A340-600 airplane without tweaks?


Do anybody knows if it is possible to add A340–600 airplane. Currently online the Model A340–300 available.
I like the so called pencil airplane :slight_smile:

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With tweaks and the Aircraftpack it is allready available… Check for example Conviasa Airline Mod :smiley:

Edit: saw the title now, without tweaks it is not possible… You may extend the front but the wings will be on wrong position and in the night the lights will be the vanilla ones…

Let’s say, it’s possible if the devs would add it to the vanilla game.

Given how rare it was, I never made it.

Thanks a lot. I know put with my Mac ist really complicated to install the tweaks. I tried it severall times

I have it installed on my Mac and it works, on which part do you fail?

Ii got some troubles with the Installation of mono. I was Not able to install umf. I will try this week

Yes, mono takes a lot longer than it predicts, have patience it will install. If you have other question, feel free to ask.

Thank you for helping:) I installed mono. But to install UMF via Terminal seems difficult.

  1. i stored the UMF. exe on the desktop
  2. I searched the Airport ceo " Path/To/Game/Folder" on my MAC:
    /Users/kevinstelzer/Library/Application Support/Apoapsis Studios

Then I tried via Terminal commando to install:
cd ~/Desktop/ && mono UMF.Installer.exe -install /Users/kevinstelzer/Library/Application Support/Apoapsis Studios**

always error occurring

Yes you took the wrong folder

Easiest way with the Terminal is to copy this part:
cd ~/Desktop/ && mono UMF.Installer.exe -install

(after this you need a BLANK (Leerschlag in German :wink: just a guess from your name) and then drag the Folder in the Terminal and press enter.

the folder should in your case be:
/Users/kevinstelzer/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Airport CEO

or if you want to write it in the Terminal it should look like that:
cd ~/Desktop/ && mono UMF.Installer.exe -install /Users/kevinstelzer/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Airport\ CEO

Thanks a lot!! now it works :slight_smile: one last question. I download a mod an put it in the mod folder from uMod framework. Is this correct? I can there see also other folders.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile: and yes bam from Germany :slight_smile: Good guess :slight_smile:

Only performance mod (recommended), tweaks and custom buildables needs to be there… The rest is workshop based!
Viel Erfolg :wink:

StickerFix can also be useful
for things like this.

It has also be there.
Viel Spass :wink:

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I am not sure if SSP hint is recordnized in Germany but BD, offcourse, and together, perfect :crazy_face: but we need something with O/Ö :rofl:

Thanks you. I See with umf mods are a lot of New futures available :grin: Hope the Development of the Game will Go ahead

Well with the modding community, a lot may be possible even the game is finished :+1:t3: