How to absolutely, positively kill an element

I’ve got a couple recalcitrant aircraft that will NOT recalculate a path, so I’m stuck with a fundamentally useless airport. Resetting paths and enabling timeout do nothing; it seems that once the path is calculated, rerouting is not an option.

Anyone know of a “kill -9” equivalent to aircraft (or other stubborn elements)?

If you manage to remove all references of an aircraft in the save files that’ll be an equivalent to a kill -9, however if you miss to remove a few something might break and we cannot support that. The reason to why we haven’t included any complete removal of objects in the dev panel is because error finding and root cause detection is so much more difficult. It’s better to have the save sent in instead and allow us to take a look at it in its simulated state, have you tried to deoccupy the aircraft nodes via F10 and such? Please do however regardless file a bug report and send in the save.

Emptying the AircraftData.json file worked perfectly, but my pax, vehicles, and employees were all purged as well. Not a huge issue, really, this is as much me testing and experimenting as much as building and playing. Rehiring employees and purchasing replacement vehicles seem to be working out fine.

I believe I submitted a bug report on this yesterday (“Wichita Bilateral”) with the unaltered json files.

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Allright, great. Since everything else was purged also it sounds like a deserialization effect of that removal as the system does not expect to receive an empty AicraftData.json file so be aware of future bugs that we might not be able to, or have time to, patch. We will have a look at