How many stars can contracts have and how to get them?

Right now, I have CLM at 100%, but only about 90 of 200 flights are available (and scheduled, thanks for the auto scheduler). Also, I only see two-star and three-star contracts.

Are one-star and four-star contracts available, is this the reason why I only get 90 of the 200 possible flights, and what do I have to do to get to the 200 as advertised?

CLM always was a small carrier, think you need a bigger one for 5 stars.

Swiftly is a medium carrier, as seen below; 5 star contracts.

Maybe higher levels will require things not implemented yet like catering, cleaning or ice-removal or some kind of shop levels not obtainable yet. Still the system must be ready for things to come if it is not to be coded again.

Do you really get 4 and 5 star flights? Because …

suggests they are not yet available.

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Yeah, that is a printscreen from ingame, to make it even better; I dont even ahve a Baggage Service atm :stuck_out_tongue:

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