How many companies at release?

Do we have any information on the amount of companies (airlines, catering, restaurants, constructors) that will be in the initial release? Don’t think it will be too many but curious what others think…

There will be 5 airlines, Maple, Air Strada, Skylink, CLM, and Stripe Air, but thats all I know. :slight_smile:

There was another airline that made a cameo appearance in a devlog a while back (can’t remember which one - I think it loooked similar to SAS), so we should have at least six airlines.

is that not a bit to little? we should have more like 10

It’s quite a lot of work to implement an airline. There will be plenty in due course. And I don’t say that there’s only six - there may well be more. But there are six that we know of.

Yea could be more, but lets not get the pitchforks out for that, let them release the game then ask for more features and addons, i dont care if all the planes are just white, i just want to start the ACEO experience!

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Go to the post by Olof

With regards to the third airline from the devs, there also appears to be an airline called Nordic Airlines Systems that is aesthetically similar to SAS. It appears to have been reintroduced after Olof made that post.

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And don’t forget, this will be a pre-alpha release. This means it needs enough features to be complete to be able to play a game. Not necessarily all features yet.
The rest - like airlines - is content. You need just enough to validate feature complete status. If you have the mechanics in place content is just a matter of time :slight_smile:

There’s 3 loan company I think, and at least 2 construction company.

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