How many bus/car/etc stops do I need?

I’m running a test airport with 10 large stands. After opening ~6 or 7 of them, I start to get no-shows:

So I’m wondering - to help me plan - how much transportation infrastructure do I need in order to handle x passengers? What’s a reasonable number of bus stops per large stand?

I currently have 27 bus stops, 22 taxi stops, and 22 car stops, plus plenty of lots. I feel like this should be enough to run just 7 large stands, and yet here we are. Edit: I have two subways as well.

Devs - if this seems like a bug, please let me know and I will submit a report.

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Any subways? If you find your bus stops queue to the max (250ish) you’ll want to add a bunch of subways stops.

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I do have subways! I’ll edit the post.

That’s the odd thing, I don’t have much queuing, and passengers don’t seem to have trouble leaving the premeses. Just arriving!

The game doesn’t communicate the need very clearly and it’s a bit unbalanced when it comes to operational cost for subways (this will be fixed in Alpha 34) but if you have capacity issues with arriving passengers I would always recommend placing more subways…


I think a nice feture in Alpha 34 would be to be able to set how often a bus will depart from a busstop. Obviusly you should pay more if u have more buses arriving and departing, it would add a nice managing element. Rather then just placing more stops. Also, the option to set busstops to departure only, arrival only or arrival and departure



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