How is a tilt ray working?

Hi, can someone tell my what a tilt ray is going to do? And in which way I can use it for.

Thank you.

  • Kai

You can use the tilt tray to split incoming luggage. You can use a pre defined setting like forward-left so for every 2 pieces of luggage, 1 goes forward and another left.
Or you can use the, to destination, settings in which the pathfinding to the right destination decides if it needs to go left, right or continue forward. So if you have like multiple checking-ins connect to 1 belt, but the suitcases need to be delivered to 2 different baggage bays. The tilt tray then makes sure the suitcase goes to the right bay.




Let me share this thread for people who end up here search for answers on baggage too.

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