How does the game determine the ratio of domestic to international flights?

so i was wondering…
Based on what algorithm does the game determine the ratio of domestic to international flights.
When this feature was first introduced i thought it was determined by the amount of domestic airports in the country. But now that i have played a bit it seems to be the proportion of international to domestic stands. Does anyone have an idea? And if so can i somehow change it?

For me personally it would make the game much more interesting (and better to plan the stands) if it were possible to negotiate the proportion of offered domestic to internationl flight with each airline company separatly.

I might remember that it has an impact with the availability of stands + also the aircraft range. For me it’s good like that as it allows a bit to control what type of airport you want.
Negotiations only make sense for big countries. Why negotiate domestic flights in a small country where the destinations are all the same.

Weil… not necessarily.
The way i see it works for countries of any size.
Let‘s say you are playing an airport located in Austria and you have 2 domestic and 8 international Stands. The way it functions now is that you will get 1/4th domestic flights from every airline you have a contract with. For my Style of play it would be great if i could negotiate das 30% domestic and 70% international flights from austrian and 100% international from all other airlines.
May be the modding group can develop a mod?@dawed

My test airport is in France and I have 2 medium int. stands and over 15 international. The number of international flights seems to be very low. I do have may 1 or 2 flights per airline offered as domestic.

Currently there is no way to mod that. Modding allows only to add own businesses and own liveries on existing ingame planes.
We can set a country tag in the airline mods but this has currently no effect at all.

The algorithm is actually very simple, it tries to generate an even number of domestic flights in relation to how many domestic stands exists. Also factoring in the size of aircraft and stand. As it is also somewhat random it might not always be the case but it should even out over time. If you have airports that over several days doesn’t generate flights evenly, I could take a look and see if anything needs change.

I think the Schengen change implemented in B8.0-2 has affected things greatly.

Airport based in the UK. Literally every flight I’ve been offered in the Scheduler today has been an International flight - Small and Medium size aircraft. I’ve added one International Medium stand today, making the ratio between Domestic and International Medium stands 5:4. I am swamped with medium International flights and the flights on the Domestic stands are running out fast…

EDIT: I’ve just found the Schengen toggle - and unticked it. Just got my first Domestic flight offerings.
It would be helpful if the default for that toggle is ‘off’ - the majority of the world isn’t in the Schengen Zone.

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Hi Fredrik and thanx for the answer. I‘ve been playing this game since way back and am enjoying it more and more with each update.

…so if i understand you right, if i have four small domestic stands and four medium domestic stands with 8 Medium international stands the game will tend to give me 50% domestic and 50% international flights. Furthermore all the small flights would be domestic 20% Medium domestic flights and the Rest 50% would be international flights, correct.
For me personally ist would be great if i could take more Control of my airport and determine my self to what Proportion of international/domestic or small/medium/ large airplanes i would like to cater to.
But i have no clue as to programming, sooo…:wink:

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Interesting would be if the calculation changes when you assign a specific airline to a stand. As example when your only domestic stand is reserved for an airline, other airlines should not offer domestic flights.

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I‘ll trat it out and get back to you

You know that @Fredrik ? :slight_smile:

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