How does large aircraft ULD loading and unloading work?

I always have a lot of trouble introducing large aircraft in the game. If you want cargo services to function, you must also allow ULD for large aircraft. I don’t even understand what that is. What are the facilities required? Because I did not set up this correctly thanks to the lack of more advanced tutorials, large planes always get delayed for as much as 2 days before they realize they need to leave (I even have the delay option set to “always send away”). How do I set up ULD for large aircraft so that this does not happen?

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Hi and welcome.

Large planes load ULD (unit load device) instead of single bags.

The only thing you need is a large belt loader truck. All other stuff will be managed by the normal baggage bay and baggage carts as for the small and medium planes.


Also don’t forget the large pusback trucks for the big planes.


I would also recommend, if you have a lot of large planes, make sure your bag bays are fully staffed


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