How do papi lights work?

Aircraft keep overshooting my runway despite it being very long. I assume I need papi lights to solve this problem. But I just have no clue how they work. Where should I place them, and does this really solve the problem?

I think Papi Lights is only for cosmetics.

Airplanes overshooting the runway is a bug, that occurs when having the game set at 3X speed.

I solved it by extending the runway.

They do nothing in the game ATM besides look nice. I had to Google what they were and there are images of them which show the placement of them.

Don’t think they do anything in the game at this point, but I still think it’s pretty interesting to know what they do in real life. This picture basically sums it up:
The point of those light is to tell pilot if he is at the right altitude (right degree of descent to the runway, this is called glide slope) during approach. There are 4 lights. If you have 2 red, 2 white, you are good, 3 red is a bit too low, 3 white a bit too high. All red mean you are way too low, all white way too high. Pretty sure you would abort the landing with 4 white/4 red if near the runway. There is the 2 light system too on the picture but I haven’t seen that used anywhere, I guess you can understand it from the picture anyway.

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PAPI lights are for only cosmetics at the moment but devs said they will have a purpose in future. I don’t know maybe they would be a “must” for medium aircrafts.

Thanks everyone! Let’s hope they will be usefull in the future.

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and I will say in that.
A typical PAPI system is located on the left side of the runway.

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