How do I use mods?

So basically i’m trying to use mode made by @pderuiter. I dont know how to use them so please tell me.

Try looking at this topic

It doesn’t seem like it’s fully working at this stage, should be in future updates though!

I’m in contact with the developers. If they have some time to spare they would look at what i did wrong :slight_smile:


I did

Do you only have the json files? Or are you using the program?

If you have the program you can click the install button. If you just have the json files, you have to place them manually.

Normally your game is located C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Airport CEO

In there you go to \Airport CEO_Data\DataFiles

All businesses go in \Companies. All products sopd by franchises go in \Products

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How do i use the ACEOMM file?
since I have the Mod Manager

Thanks for the help but some of the files dont work

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There is an issue where the game doesnt consistently pick the modded businesses. We’re looking into where the problem is :slight_smile:

Now How do i enable it ._.

You mean companies in game? If you have the files placed correctly, the game should recognize them and you should be able to see them in the game. But as i said, at this time there is something not quite right. It does work, but the chances of getting a modded company are very low at the moment.

what do i have to add in use deafault since its not working on a Europe file

That file only signals to the game if it should include the default game companies and products.
so it should contain either TRUE or FALSE

I would recommend setting it to TRUE at this time, since modded construction companies are very rarely picked for a contract. After that you should see them occasionaly

Sorry for being a noob…

I downloaded the program but how can I install all the airlines, banks and franchises? Is there a simple click on a button and install all to game or am I missing something?

There is :slight_smile:

You select the region you want to install on the left and then click the install button.
It’s explained in the Mod Manager topic. The install button is the 4th button from the left With the arrow pointing down

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Hi All,

Just started this game…will I loose my saved games if add modded airlines and how to do it please…the most safest and most efficient way upload it on the game.

again, thank you much!

All the best,

Nino D.:small_airplane:

oh just to add am running the 27.8v of the game.


No you won’t loose your saves. Subscribe to them in Workshop and then the modding option in game main menu activate them. Or use ACEOMM.

Hope that helps.

Thank you much!

I will have it downloaded and running tomorrow.

Finally I was able to somehow understand the dynamics of the game…and is really exciting and was worth the time designing your own (sandbox) and was able to land meduim sized airline contracts…next goal is the baggage system…

Again, thank you much!

Nino D.


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Hi CEO’s

Would you be so kind and advise if I need to download just the ACEOMM.exe or do I download everything in the ACEOMM_PC_1001.rarACEOMM_PC file? for me to get mod airlines.

Thank you to all !

Nino D.

That’s why we have tutorial videos :wink:

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