How do I get on the Discord?

Just wondering how to get on the discord. Is there any type of special link?
If so, pls write it at the bottom of this topic

Hello~! the link to the discord is:

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thank you

Can I please get the link too?

This one should always work:

or rather Official Airport CEO | Discord Me

Thats the same one…

Looks better :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot

Getting the this link is invalid or has expired. Which i’ve used discord in the past they shouldn’t expire so i don’t understand why it’s saying that.

Anyone have a fresh link?

here you go: Official Airport CEO | Discord Me


thanks it finally launched in the app on the desktop vs the browser.

Does anyone have the admin details of the server as I’ve been banned for no reason

You need to contact DiscoveryOV by PMing him on reddit I believe.

Provide me with your Discord username and I’ll look into it.




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