How change color of vehicle?

I try change color of vehicle:

but how I can apply color? When I click color preset, vehicle is still white, and when I click into textfield with hex color and I hit enter, vehicle is also still white. I click on “set color” button again, also no use.

There is a bug. Do this.
Every time you want to change a color.

  1. Save the game, no need to reload. Just save.
  2. Go to the place in the pic - And change the color of the vehicle you want the change. You can do multiply.

The bug is kinda like this, if you go directly to change the colors, it works. But as soon as you go anywhere else first in the menu or build something. Then you can’t put color on the vehicle. So if you do the 2 steps above, it works, until you do something else.

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