How can I connect my stands to both runways


I recently expanded the airport to have two runways. one for taking off the other landing to try and increase capacity, reduce aircraft queuing etc… On building the second runway it does not want to connect to my stands. I have tried saving and reloading, demolishing and rebuilding but it doesn’t fix the issue! I’ve seen in other threads that two runway exits are required so I have added them but the issue remains

Are the stands it is not connecting to commercial flight stands? If the runway is indicated as such (as in your screenshot), it looks for stands with only the same sliders toggled.

Runways want to have the possibility to have traffic going both ways between the runway and the stand, even when they’re set to departure or arrival only. My suggestion is to close your taxi circle with the following:

I disagree. I would suggest to keep runways traveling the same direction. I would do left to right in this case. Top one for departures, bottom for arrivals. The structure you show would cause airplanes to cross over runways, which would cause them to pause.

I have found that every opportunity for planes to stop… they will…and then sit there for too long… best to limit as many chances for that to occur as possible.

The tow runways on the side are arrival only and they land bottom to top. It can get crowded sometimes, but the take offs can be stricking with four planes departing and 3-4 planes landing at the same time.

I have checked and all the stands are set to commercial flights. I have run the game for a few days and the planes find there way, I just get a whole screen full of error messages but it does work. Maybe a bug or maybe I’ve missed something else?

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