Hotels,cargo planes,lounges,self check in and some of my ideas?

It would be cool if you added like a hotel. It works like shops or cafes. You have a zone you can put that can be inside/outside the airport. You also get a few things. Hotel room door maybe? Bed,tv. And the more stars the hotel which would “rent” the place would ask for maybe more rooms and more stuff in them, area to eat exc. 2 thing poles. So if you are making the second floor extended more than the first floor you can add a pole on the floor bellow which doesnt need foundation? (would make building easier). Also a lounge could be added. Same thing as a cafe. Food area and seating. You could also add a self check in. Small one doesnt have a luggage belt. They can be opend for 2 or 3 flights at a time. Also when you place a medium stand there could be a cargo option. There could be more vehicles to add with that. A cargo loader. (bigger ones that are like a lift. front can rise and go down to load cargo. and bigger transporter. Basicly the luggage part is bigger. If we were to go to more details than there would be a special parking for trucks that bring the cargo,special scanners and special bays exc. The cargo plane could be the b737 and when bigger planes are added b767, maybe a b747 exc.


I’m sure we will get cargo planes eventually. There will be feature voting in a few months so you can vote for that.

The hotels don’t seem like a bad idea, but I think a just placing a building would be sufficent. It is AirportCEO after all, not HotelCEO. :slight_smile:


I’d dedicate this thread to just one idea, since that would make the feature somewhat doable for the devs

It would work like a shop so its a zone with stuff you place. It can be inside a part of a terminal maybe or outside…

Cargo planes are on the top of the users wish list, I can believe (and I hope :wink:). It was discussed several times.

I think an extension of the construction options on the land side would be a great addition. Hotels, multi-storey car parks, long-term parking lots, bus shuttles for long-term parking, companies (eg those with which contracts are concluded) or, if ever hub & spoke could be realized, airline offices could also settle in. Should cargo flights be realized logisticians settle, eg specialized in animals or plants or packages etc.
This all of course depends on the status of the airport.
But I think it’s enough to build the building, to set it up too, I think it’s too much.

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Yes I know what you mean. However, I think individually building each hotel room, a reception etc. would be too much time consuming. At least that’s my opinion.


What if the hotel came as a contract, as was mentioned before, you just build the building and zone “Hotel Rooms” then you sign a contract which furnishes them. Might be difficult to implement but it would remain in theme with the game.

That would be a lot easier. Well, it’s up to the developers if and how they’ll do it.

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