HKT - Phuket International Aiport

While I am still busy tweaking my PEN design, I have decided to remain in South East Asia, and start work on HKT - Phuket International Airport as. I flew out of this airport the day BEFORE they opened the new terminal in 2016, d@mmit!

Will post SS here, and upload the final design to the Steam Workshop once done.

Phuket Town Council approved public access road, extension to Highway 4031 being built:

And introducing the CEO of Skyport Phuket, Kim Kardashian:

As the CEO of Skyport Phuket, Kim Kardashian is responsible for running all facets of the business. Kim has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving business growth in the fashion industry. Prior to joining Skyport Phuket, Kim was Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales for CLM, Inc, responsible for all global sales and marketing activities. At CLM she led the transformation into an enterprise-focused company while growing sales 50% year over year. Previously, she served as Chief Marketing Officer of Enron, where she led the design and implementation of all sales and marketing strategies. Kim also served as President of Pornhub, Inc.'s e-commerce division and was recognized by Anonymous as one of the Top 25 ‘CryptoWare’ executives in the country in June of 2000. She spent the prior 15 years at the Umbrella Corporation, holding several domestic and international executive positions. Kim serves on the board of directors of Megatron, Inc. and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs with Red Lipstick. She earned a BS degree at the University of Moscow, Bart Simpson’s School of Business.

Initial ground-breaking ceremony with CEO Kim Kardashian and Mayor Gregor Fonsworth:

Next update will be once the runway, taxiways, apron and shell of the terminal has been completed.

A sneak preview of the International Terminal, this is the external area:

Might still tweak it a bit, but this is the basic layout. There are two stories of parking below, seen as I can’t go up, I went down.

The International Terminal (Level 0) and Apron:

HKT - International Terminal - Level 0 - Departures/Arrivals & Baggage Claim:

The fleshing out of the International Terminal is pretty much complete. Will post SS of the further levels once signed off.

The airport is finally complete:

HKT - Phuket International Airport

Download and view to find further information on the airport. Only contract signed is with the contractors, the rest is up to you as CEO!

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Nice airport, :slight_smile: good job

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Thanks, there is some work for you to do as CEO to get the airport 100% operational, can’t do all the work for you guys! :wink: