High-level shops (brands) for bigger airports

I don’t know if you already plan to implement this, but I would love to have broader shop and restaurant opportunities with increasing number of passengers.
In smaller airports, we could have souvenir and tax-free shops and newspaper stands. The restaurant opportunities could be bars, cafes and simple restaurants.
Bigger airports with many passengers could have shops from popular brands and even luxury-brand shops. The food opportunities could be cocktail and sushi bars, stake houses, massage spas etc…
Of course the rent for those luxury shops and restaurants should be higher and appeal more to business and first class passengers :wink:

Thank you,
I really look forward to play this great game!

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Hey there Chilli and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

At the moment, afaik the shop / restaurant mechanism isn’t as elaborate yet as you propose. From what we know you can put down a zone, put some counters etc. in there, then sign a contract for someone to set up shop.

I’m sure this will be expanded as the game grows, and you ideas will surely help :slight_smile:

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When they had the community shops/services design competition the devs asked for tiers of shops - cheap, mid range, large and premium brands, so I think this is definitely in their long term thinking.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Something like this seems to be working now.

I’ve got a fairly big airport and have signed contracts for some 5* luxury shops - a jewellers shop etc and also some 5* restaurants.

It would be good to have some subtypes of shops eg: electronics, clothing, gifts, pharmacy seem to be pretty common in most airports.

Good money makers.

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