HGH----Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Version 1.2


I want to declare something firstly. I am not a native English speaker, there may be some errors in the presentation, please help me correct them. Then, even though using the same name as the real one in Hangzhou, the airport designed by me is totally different.

Okay, let’s come to the topic. The design of the airport is inspired by:Coventry Airport - Large Modern Airport with park. I think it is the most graceful airport I have seen with lots of details. I was really surprised.

Combing several designs on the forum and some famous designs in the real world, I designed this one. It is only partly finished with lots of details unfinished and T2 is under construction until now. And I will keep this topic updated when I continue the construction.

Next, I want to describe my design briefly. The airport has two terminals: T1 has 6 large stands and 20 middle stands. And it is totally for the regional flights. T2 has 6 large stands. It is all for international flights. All planes take off and land through 2 runways.

Following are the screenshots and more descriptions and presentations will be updated later.

Thanks for your support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Level G

Level G_detailed(for check-in)

Level 1

Level 1_detailed(for security)

Level -1

Level -1_detailed(for baggag claiming)

Level -2

It has been a long time since the last update!! Here comes the latest design!

During the process of construction, lots of problems occur and I find many defects in my design. And I will post the details of these defects next time as I am too busy these days.

In this one month, I do some decoration of T1 and start the construction of T2. Following are the screenshots and I really want to thank @awtkn @andyc @jasperwillem for their support and great advice.

New design of Level G with some decoration

New design of Level 1 with some decoration

Level 2 – offices for boarders


Thank you for the Coventry Airport design inspiration shoutout! Airports looking good!

You are a really good designer!! Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A very nice layout. :+1:
And the realistic Taxiway widths do also make it look amazing.

May add a bit more interiour design and plants to make those large grey areas look more elegant.

OK!! I am doing this now. I will update it later. Thank you~

I have always Singapore Changi in my mind when it comes to plants and decoration. (except the ugly carpets)

WOW!! Just searched for it.Really awesome!!

Very nice!

Edit; F4 removes the UI.

Thank you!!

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