Hey Game Devs Names for runway connections

You said you needed name ideas, but i want to take your idea a step further. so for the names you have Runway lineup for entrance, and arrival holding points for the exits.

other ideas to improve this runway Connections update:
-have another special runway attachment for planes just crossing the runway. Allowing the player to control where the planes crossing the runway should do so, so you can control flow across runways.

-for the arrival holding points you should add some realism to the game. I propose that players should put multiple “arrival holding points” on each runway. Because when a plane lands the first thing they do once they are off the runway is complete their checklist for after landing, planes wait on the runway “exit points”. This would make for simulation.

I also had a few more ideas for aircraft operations that i think you should add later.

-i know you were planning to put in multiple stories for the terminal. in order to make these useful make heavy aircraft stands for A380’s and 747’s. Then make an optional upgrade to the stand to make a gate to the 2nd story of the terminal of the aircraft from your 2nd story addition to the airport terminals.

-last thing with these new updates, you should increase the price of baggage handling, because of the new equipment and employees.

  • also the price of an commercial aircraft using gates, because of the more staff needed all at once and not just a few through out an aircraft’s turnaround at player’s airports.

I am a huge fan, with big ideas for the future. Their is so much more potential to this game, and you doing a great job. So there is a few ideas for names, and my idea runway crossing point. I hope you notice this post i made, So plz reply if you do. I will also be willing to clear up any confusion, to my ideas. So just ask.


Good topic for the price of the stands you can read this topic its very interesting:

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