Help with baggage

Hey! I need help with the baggage

Hello, I need help with the luggage, I have very low satisfaction of loaded luggage and I do not understand why since I have everything connected correctly I attach photos

Do you have enough baggage cars and employees to handle all the bagage in time?

Si de hecho tengo de sobra

What is interesting: You have most baggage loaded off aircrafts, but none onto. So: Do you have all check-in desks/baggage drops correctly linked to the bay? Have you checked it via the path analyser?

Si lo tengo todo correctamente no entiendo el problema

That´s interesting…

Can you provide photos from the whole baggage route (from the desks to the bay) with baggage overlay turned on (I guess “b” activates the arrow in the belts), please?


okay, actually no idea. There are bags laying on the bay ready to be loaded, and you seem to have enough trucks. So I think you should fill an ingame bug report, maybe with a link to this topic.

Just a simple question, is the baggage system activated in the operations panel?
If yes, are the ramp agents able to access the stands?

(by the way, you can make screenshots with F12)

Si,el sistema está activado y a que te refieres con gradas?
Y gracias por el consejo de capturar pero estoy escribiendo con el movil y me es más cómodo :wink:

Otherwise make a zip file of your savegame and share it here so we can take a look into it.

This happens to me if my stands aren’t connected to baggage bay. Can you make sure that the stands are connected

Oh, just translated:

Yes, the system is activated and what do you mean by stands?
And thanks for the advice to capture but I’m writing with my mobile and it’s more comfortable for me

The stands are the concrete, or asphalt structures the plane parks on. Click on them to open the menu, and the connect them to the baggage bay using one of the side buttons

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