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I’m currently playing the Alpha 35 experimental version, and I’m having a problem regarding passport control. The passengers can’t exit the airport after exiting the plane, and there is an notification that says ”Passenger can’t pass through customs. Make sure a customs booth is accessible through walls and zones.” Also, do I need to zone all of the area International? The pictures are attached.

Thank you!

Sorry, It took a very long time for the pictures to upload.

What are those international zones with the red icons?

You can press F12 ingame to take screenshots. You don’t need to make photos of your monitor.

I don’t know. I think the icons indicate that there is no passport control entry and exit.

Do I need to have an passport control before baggage claim? I’m still bombarded by a lot of notifications regarding the customs thing.

You need passport control (as you say customs) for departing passengers and arriving passenger

Oh I see, I can’t find the passport control for arriving passengers. Is there a specific way for creating a passport control for arrivals? I think the underground passport control is not working (see picture)

No, you use the same paddport control for arrival and passengers. The only difference is for the arrival you need to spin the checkpoint around so the input side is from the international zone going into the secure aone. If that makes sense :slight_smile:

No, there is not a specific passport control for arrivals. It’s the same one you used for the departing.
So before your arrivals went to there baggage bay they pass a passport control. And if you want, you coult secure the baggage bay. Is will reduce a lot of passengers too that area because arrivals don’t use the seats their anymore. Hopefully it will works now on your airport.

Oh okay, thanks for the advice!

Ok, the same? the issue is, the word “custom booth” is never, ever, anywere named in an object that you can build. It is very confusing. And not explained anywhere. So, it should from international to secure?

Ok, it is bugged somehow. - 28322

When I did a save and reload, they suddenly started going through.

See this? This is build with “green” placement, but then leaves a “not international” zone in between. Dont know, but maybe that was my issue firstly.

Yeah I’ve noticed it do this a lot…But it only seems do do it on the exit side of an international zone lol

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