Help me please! πŸ™„ AirPort stand

Can somebody help me

I have a problem with GA stand

Thanks thanks thanks!!!

GA only works with small stands and not with medium stands(yet?)

GA only works for small stand

As both have stated that is correct, I will however change it so that message does not occur on medium stands! :slight_smile:

The problem is: my planes does not leave the airport. And the personel does not find the stand.

I though medium ga planes like learget or gulfstream were coming :disappointed:

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Do you have correct zoning? I recommend sending screen shots (with zones enabled) instead of photographs of the monitor! :slight_smile:

@Olof That pic does show a missing verb in β€˜This stand does not () general aviation flights’, i’ve sent that in a bug report long ago.

Well for one it is set up as commercial flight and you do not have a baggage bay set up,So if its waiting on baggage and no assigned bay it gets stuck…and GA don’t use medium stands yet…but would be cool for Lear jets and such to make a FBO area.