Heli DLC, some questions

Hello Olof,

Jumped on the Heli DLC, but:

1 - The medium heli pads (commercial) do not seem to accept small helis, which I find strange :0))) On my opinion, they should.

2 - Although luggage trucks are assigned, seems that heli passengers… do not travel with luggage… which I find strange again.

Well, are these intended, or possible bugs ?

And possible improvement in the forum: specify the year in the posts (nice to know if the thread is this year, or several ago), thanks.

Thanks and regards

Welcome back

The small/medium logic is just copied from the planes. Many things there are not assigned to the aircraft type, they are related to the stand size. For heli they may make no sense as their is no cleaning, catering or pushback, but it would require new game mechanics.

Regarding luggage, that should work.
What passenger/flight ratio do you use in the settings? Is the connection to the baggage bay correct and are the check-ins working?

If the post is from a different year, its shown with the month and the year.

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Hi Andy, thanks.
I use the 50% ratio. And yes, all conns correct.

OK, I’ll try a few more days, see if these luggage trucks decide to move :0))) Thanks again.

Checked again, and yes, it works :0)

With small helicopters, luggage can be very funny. I had cases where only one bag was loaded. (3 pax in total) Not every passengers carry bags.

Well, we still have this totally silly bug that requires 2 access ramps per runway, though…
If you have 2 runways, 1 for landing, 1 for taking off, only 1 access ramp should be needed.

I was hoping that this would have been corrected… Bad luck :0(((

But no one tells where the 2nd ramp must be placed.

I use the second ramp often just for decoration.


Or, instead of this way, set it up like multiple entries for the same runway like this:
Obviously can’t have this marking, but you could do something similar.

Ah, sure… but the need is to save space. Normally, I would like to have only 1 square separating each runway.

Anyway, thanks for your answers folks

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It should be a very easy change for the developers to add some logic surrounding this, there already is some logic for other cases. If you consider it very important I can add some extra logic myself and publish it in the next round of Custom Buildables (which may be a while though)

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Yes, I agree that it would be an easy change, just need to add 2 or 3 lines of code.
VERY important, no, this is not a stopper. But would be a nice improvement.