Have both AvGas and Jet Fuel unlocked at start and teach people the difference between jet and prop engines

Simple as it is. Let us be able to build both infrastructures from start without research and explain in the tutorial, that planes either need AvGas or Jetfuel (especially the large ones) depending on their engine type thus encouraging new players building both services. Then let the planes be correctly filled with the correct fuel. To proceed in the tutorial, just wait to correctly fill up 5 planes with either fuel type or a combination. Add in some more small GA jets like the Lear Jet at that point. This added realism won’t hurt anyone and players will quickly learn what everything is needed for. Explain and let the player explore the game (building up understanding and immersion) instead of over-simplifying for a one-time tutorial experience in the game killing immersion and realism (players wondering about faulty logic) with the same stone for each other game the person plays further on.

Yup, and SF50 should be also changed back to use Jet A1.


I think that this is an example of where, although the current situation in the game is not entirely realistic, it does make the games easier to comprehend for beginners or non-aviation enthusiasts - it’s easy to understand that GA aircraft use Avgas and commercial aircraft use Jet A1 without having to either zoom in/listen to each GA aircraft to try and figure it out.

Equally, explaining that some propeller aircraft use Avgas whilst others use Jet A1 (because some propeller aircraft have piston engines whilst others have gas turbines) to non-aviation minded people is not easy.

In the current game, you can entirely separate Avgas and Jet A-1 fueling and equipment and capacity planning because you can forecast your GA and commerical traffic - it would be much harder to forecast Jet A-1 needs if you didn’t know how much jet GA traffic would be using your airport on a given day etc.


So basically you say we are doing it wrong because we think people do not bother learning new stuff while playing a game.


“Most GA planes use AvGas 100 LL, some GA jets and almost all CA planes use JetFuel A 1. Having GA flights you will need AvGas service to fuel most of them and you can do some extra money with JetFuel A 1, because some might request it instead of AvGas 100 LL. Later, you will need JetFuel A 1 for all commercial flights as well.”

in a tutorial (something aiming to teach you something) is too complicated then and not comprehensible for a beginner. Which makes me feel very sad.
Forecasting fuel requirements at your airport and planning accordingly is a very much larger act of cognition and deep thinking than learning that there are two motor types that need different fuel. If you can do this and the game gives you proper numbers because someone did the right statistics for you, then you can cope with this as well. You just need liters of Jet Fuel delivered and the friction of fuel delivered to planes labeled GA. There you are.
I see, what you are aiming at and there are benefits to the current system, but I do not agree in that point as it somewhat brands a new player as ‘lazy’ or ‘not being able to understand things’ or ‘not willing to learn anything’. It is an over-cautious choice of design made in my book, so I’d like to have the calling reverted and offer players the opportunity to enjoy a fun game AND learn something out of it. Both is not contradictory and mutual exclusive.

Well then, it would be even easier to understand that GA aircraft use “GA fuel” and commercial aircraft use “CA fuel” and not some AvGas 100 LL and Jet A1 which will mean nothing to these beginners anyway.

haha a very funny interpretation indeed, but of course also to take in literally. :laughing: :laughing:

I, on the other hand, agree with @ls4a535 because as this game is not aimed to be a simulation, but rather a tycoon as stated by the devs themselves we take into account that the names of the fuel we are putting into our GA and commercial aircraft is right in between.

I don’t belive it is a matter of the game not being realistic but more of adapting to the community that plays ACEO.

Yes, I think we should learn and this is a perfect example of compromising in between reality and a tycoon based game.

I fully agree with the developers that there needs to be a balance between what is realistic and what is understandable, although I think the line was drawn a bit too soon here. The problem within the game here lies with the ratio. It’s not that case that some GA aircraft use Avgas while others use A1, all aircraft use Avgas except for one. This makes it easy for a player to assume that all GA uses Avgas and all commercial uses A1. This is what causes confusion.

I think that it is perfectly reasonable to use the ‘realistic’ fueltypes in the game, provided that it is communicated with the player properly. In the end


I could also see some problems that might arise IF we were to enlargen the pool of planes. Imagine an item like the not yet existing Learjet. It is small enough to be a reasonable GA choice but yet big enough to be used commercially. Same could be true for other planes where small turbo-prop machines could also be used as a CA plane. How to explain that the plane will consume AvGas 100 LL while doing GA flight but will consume JetFuel A-1 when used as CA? Then we are again in that ridiculous situation orb described - we only have GA and CA fuel and would give a damn about stuff like calling fuel AvGas or JetFuel. Why bring such a thing up anyways if not doing it correct?
In that case, I really would prefer the accurate representation of things instead of an arbitrary construct. The situation as-it-is would only make sense, if the devs will never expand GA anymore or strictly adhere to a props for GA and Jets for CA only policy, which would be poor in many ways.

To answer that, we can have carter flights. We could say in a totorial that carter flights (which is one step above GA operations and below Commerical operations), that some of these flights may want to have jet A1 fuel pumped into there plane or 100LAvgas. This means that the players in order to get charter flights will have to have jet A1 unlocked and the nessasary equipment to operate it.

Charter flights would require both types of fuel as well as a connection to a small terminal with no security but a few passengers. Then commercial planes would have to all be JetA1.

Well, I once suggested charter flights, but I cannot see, how implementing another suggestion to pass this one might help. I mean - a plane for GA can easily be a charter plane and vice versa - even a CA plane. Why add confusion that a single plane model either uses AvGas AND JetFuel just depending on the type of flight?
With that logic, a Learjet would use AvGas only if used as GA and JetFuel if used either as Charter and CA. Adding to the confusion is the fact, that charter flights already are counted as GA flights in a certain way. So…charter flights are the only ones using the correct fuel and both CA and GA will have a chance to use the wrong fuel all the time with your suggestion. A propeller plane used as CA (hypothetically and totally possible) suddenly needs JetFuel and a private jet plane as the Cirrus has to use AvGas if used as GA flight. If that is not confusing, then what?

Now a better interpretation is defiantly not to confuse anyone. But if we made a more standardized way of fueling we can show players that Avgas is used for ALL GA aircraft. And all the rest are used for Commercial or charter flights.

Well, this may add to the confusion of many players already playing the game, but it will make sure that players understand that I can use this fuel for ALL commercial planes. And Avgas for ALL GA planes. That clears it up a little.

Yes in this case a Learjet would count as a GA aircraft which means it will use Avgas, unless we can have a larger GA stand type, to have larger GA planes to come in. In that case we could have a differentiating system between Avgas and JetA1 fuel.

Yeah! Now charter fights are using the right fuel at all times and GA yes all of them use Avgas, and CA will all use JetA1 fuel. Again another item would help as though there was a larger type of GA stand, (also because the beach craft barely fits), then we can have a larger discussion about how the fueling system will work for both Commercial aviation, and GA aircraft.

Won’t that be too complicated? My suggestion just wants to return to the old status quo where every plane is fueled with the correct fuel no matter what kind of flight and make an improvement to the tutorial instead so the player understands the differences between jet and propeller planes and their different needs while learning the game. For instance, the current user base might already be confused why the Cirrus now needs AvGas at all. Having a Lear maybe later using AvGas or having a medium propeller plane as CA using JetFuel A-1 will not help any further but worsen the situation. This is not only about the players-to-be after game release v1.0, but also about the players annoyed by the lack of correctness done here. I mean, people playing this game might already have an affinity for aviation or even know something about it so presenting ‘false’ game mechanics might deteriorate the game in their eyes.

I feel like a good compromise between both is if we have an reference material, probably somewhere in the e-learning material (tutorial section) that details which planes use Avgas, and which planes use Jet A1. This way people can check why is it that this plane uses Avgas, and this plane isn’t.

Optionally, a better operations summary could also help this. For example, number of GA aircrafts, number of requests for Avgas and number of requests for Jet A1. If the player haven’t researched Jet A1, then it’s not like the planes will request Jet A1 anyways (since the player can’t enable it first).


I believe @ReV0LT is quite right on this one. We can make an in game Wiki about the aircraft types and how all operations and systems work. This is true with many other technical games like Terra Tech, or Subnautica.

Back in the time SF50 was getting Jet A1 instead of Avgas 100LL the fuel type was listed in the flight details. It was also listed in the flight planner (so Avgas 100LL could be indeed used for commercial flights just fine if there was a plane using it doing a commercial flight). Now I don’t think I can see such information. Bringing this back would be good for people who don’t want to read documentation before opening their airport.

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Really? I for the life of me have forgotten almost all of the previous UI.

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