Has anyone ever completed a store/food contract?

The store and food contracts have a number of sales you have to meet in order to avoid a penalty. Those targets can be as high as 8000 (or even more). I rarely get any higher than 300.

So my question is, has anyone actually finished one of those contracts?

Loads, but also loads that gave me a penalty… :relaxed: It is really depended on how many PAX you have running around your airport what kind of contract you should take. So it looks very tempting to get a 3 or higher star contract in, but be aware of the amount of sales and penalty you get! So smal airport, low star contracts and the more PAX you get, the higher the stars contracts you can sign. But also be aware of the location of your store/food, because that will also influence the selling. Take into account that a full street doesn’t really work, as PAX tend to go to the nearest and not look at the type, that’s not in-game yet.

Yeah, loads of times, especially the 1 star ones.

When hitting the 5k people a day, you easily can have 3 star shops to complete before security, just limit the number of shops.

My personal highscore is something 5.000.
Actual is it this one:

In my experience so far it is easier with food rooms than with shop rooms.
Place them between terminal entrance and check-in-desks or between security-check and boarding desk. Only with these 2 waypoints passengers have time to spend money.

I see your shop is limited to the actual physical room needed for the shop. I like to have the shop grounds terminal wide, to trigger all PAX on that shop space, since they have to walk over it to get from a to b.

I had some trouble as well, only getting 1 star contracts done. But once I got a good amount of passengers, now it’s really running smoothly.
Got a 1 star restaurant and a 5 star restaurant in public area reached by passengers of 22 medium stands. It’s quite some extra way to walk, but it works. 1 star will finish very quickly, 5 star just within time with some misses (maybe a success rate of 80% now).
Besides, I got a 5 star shop and a 5 star restaurant both right after security in the secure zone for 16 medium stands. They always finish on time, especially the shop is running awesome sometimes finishing after just half the available time.
What bothers me most is the lack of knowledge. You never know how shops will perform and why, it’s just try and error. Would surely like to have some statistical data in future releases. For example, you could get general information about the passengers - how many on average a day for each stand / group of stands and what kind of passengers (will they like expensive or budget stuff? If I got many high class airline contracts I expect to be more successful with high class shops as well).
And what I’d really love is if I could send out marketing experts to do a survey. Just select an area for the survey and they’ll give me information about how chances for shops/restaurants in exactly that area could be.

Nice idea! Does it works fine?

Nope, but at least I usually still make more than the fines + operation cost of the stuff, so this is not a problem.

I don’t even concern myself with meeting the contract amount. Rather, it’s the high rents I’m earning. Those, I like.


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