Hangars & Stands - Small allowed in Medium facilities?


Is it going to be possible in future for a “If it fits, use it” approach to aircraft stands and hangars, primarily for emergencies and maintenance.

Seems wasteful to have a medium stand/hangar kept aside as overflow or emergencies, but unable to use this for small aircraft and needing a further vacant facility, despite knowing the small aircraft could fit on the existing medium facilities.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Yes this would be cool! Just like on large stands with the slider: Allow medium planes. Also, why did you make this support not feature voting @craigwats? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Well spotted, correct now :slight_smile:

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If I fits, I sits cat meme but it’s planes lol. Also, if small planes could use large stands, I say that at the least 4-6 small planes at the same time could fit on the stand

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I think it’s currently not allowed as they use the same logic as for stands. Small stands do not use pushbacks. If small planes would be able to use bigger hangars, new logic would have to be implemented.


Very good point! I did not consider that. Maybe it is more a request for that also to be looked it as part of this idea, but that makes sense why it is not already a feature :slight_smile:

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