[Half Solved/Bug] Ramp Agent Stuck at bus stop

Ramp Agents arrived with bus and stood stood (one hour later) and stood.
And then I needed to fire Ramp agents. Please fix this.

P.S I dont have any pictures of this situation.

Do you have sidewalk from the bus stop to the airport?

can we see a picture of your airport?

I have a lot of sidewalks

and I have all security on work

Where is your baggage bay located?

make sure you have at least 1 security check point that allows staff to go through it


I did some changes I painted zones at bagage claim where is path to service car but its to very suspicus.
All went truth security.

and I loaded save where wasnt doors to bagge bay but then I remember when I placed doors nothig like that wasnt. Maybe updates or somthink like that.

btw something needs to be done about the vehicle parking lots bigger vehicles i.e. tankers and buses shouldn’t be put there because it would mean others won’t be able to pass as you can see in that pic however currently it’s fine the vehicles just pass through as if nothing is there which is a kind of bug I guess devs need to look at.


There has been a door/wall bug, maybe it got fixed, and you ended without doors?