Half of all my flights get canceled?

I have 4 medium stands and 2 out of the 4 flights get automatically cancelled from the flight planner when the flights come up?? What happened did i miss something???

Having the same issue here. They just… cancel with no message on why they were cancelled.

Have you set the delay action to send away in the flight planner?

Will look into this as soon as possible.

No because the flight never comes in. I have 2 runways. A ton of staff. Just for 4 medium stands. The most I can get maybe is 3 flights staggered to come in. I have the flight planner to always ask. its very irritating. When half the flights gets automatically cancelled. I think I get penalized for that also. Probably doesn’t make the airline happy with the airport.

Yeah for me its unplayable atm when only getting half the money for the flights and half for baggage also.

Yeah I watched the flight planner is doing some kind of checking system then it cancels flights with no reason why.

Just played a few minutes and this happened to me too. At least 8 flights canceled

Same problem here

Same problem for me

Same here. I’ve had 15-plane contracts cancel 11, no reason given. I’ve got 5 stands open (3 med, 2 small), and out of 20-odd flights planned in a day, 4-5 actually land.

I have not had this issue. I schedule my arrivals in 15 minute intervals for my medium flights and I have 2 dedicated arrival runways. I also used to run 9 stands of small flights but it became too tedious to schedule that many flights every day.

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The way I had it set up left 15 minutes between landings in a dedicated runway, only commercial and only arrivals, same for departures. I have 6 stands, with 90 minute intervals between departure and arrival of next flight. Rarely had a late departure, still have at least half of flights in every contract being canceled for no apparent reason. Can’t play until this is fixed, just because of the frustration

Actually, I was looking at it, and the mass cancellations didn’t start happening until winter, and now that winter has passed, the cancel rate is much more manageable.

I’ve had cancellations all year round. Haven’t saved that progress waiting for a fix

Cen we get a save just before they get cancelled?

Do you need the output log? Can’t find it in the datafiles folder

I can only upload screenshots, apparently.

should be in
C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO

No, the best would be a save just before the cancellation happen. Will speed up the debug processes.

That’s the save. The bug report form says there should be another file, the output_log.txt, which is the one I can’t find.

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