Had a few flights cancel on me

I have had a few flights cancel on me from my Medium Stall yesterday. I have four pads and four checking and boarding desks, but I had two pads effectively shut down for a day and just kept canceling flights in the flight planner.

Do I need to have two check in desks per Medium Stall?

This is a known bug and will be patched in the next fix!

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I figured it was something I was doing wrong. I’m still figuring all of this out. Love the complexity of the game.

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I did read this quote somewhere:

“How do you plan your flights?? had the same problem when planning flights 5 minutes after another. Change it from 5 to 10 minutes and your problem is solved. Make also sure you’ve got enough check-in desk available”

Can it help?

I’ll have to check it out tonight. I was thinking it’s check in desks because the contract said the airline needed two dedicated desks and the flights might have been from various airlines and couldn’t process the check-ins at the same time or something.

Check it now! :slight_smile:

The patch worked like a charm.

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