Haarlem International Airport [HIA] [NL]

Note: Sorry for all the double posts! Had to figure out how to post multiple images. :see_no_evil:

Hello! :fox_face:

Today I decided to create a profile on the forums and this is my latest WIP: Harlem International Airport! :grinning:
I’ve been active on the Discord server for a while now and got around 40 hours playtime. Looking forward to get more involved into the community and seeing the game develop.

HIA a fictional airport which has been built to take over some flights from other big airports in the area, like Schiphol (AMS). It’s capable of handling fair amounts of passengers and aiming for the best service! Every gate has at least 80 seats and lots of room. There are two restaurants (Coffee Bar and Italian Food) and one shop.


  • 10 medium stands (Commercial only)
  • 10 small stands (GA only)
  • 2 arrival runways (6 length upgrades)
  • 1 departure runway
  • 10 check-in desks
  • 5 dedicated claim area’s (one per two stands)
  • 5 baggage bays
  • Complete three-stage bag scanning, including a false-positive back-up
  • 7 security check-points (PAX only)
  • 1 small Security check-point (Staff only)
  • 2 restaurants and 1 shop
  • Various offices (different staff types)


  • €10.000.000 build budget (only €9.000.000 used)
  • 2600 PAX at peak moments
  • 160 staff


  • Airport: 74,7%
  • Passengers: 99,4%
  • Airlines: 50%
  • GA: 50%


3.1. Overview

3.2. Entrance Area

3.3. Security and Terminal A (Gates A1-A5)

3.4. Terminal B (Gates B1-B5)

3.5. Baggage Claim Area


4.1. Check-in Desks

The bags are divided over 2 belts to prevent clogging.

4.2. Bag Scanning Area

The 2 belts enter the area at the bottom and are going to two seperate scanning systems (including all I, II and III systems). Starting at the I scanners: the negative bags (good) are going straight to the Baggage Bays. The positive bags (possibly bad) are going to the stage II scanners for further inspection. The false positives are going back to the normal belt and the true positives will go to the stage III scanner and an employee will make the final decision. The positive ones will go to the bag-destroyer.

The negative bags (good) are going to several tilt trays that will direct them to their destined baggage bay. Every bay services 2 stands. Bags that are late/no destined bay will go to the ‘Lost and Found Dep’ aka the destroyer!

4.3. Baggage Claim Area

Every bay (servicing 2 stands) has it’s own claim area. The belt is 50 long and 4 wide: enough room for around 100 bags to circulate and prevent clogging. The area is also a fair distance from the bays so passengers will arrive at the claim area before the bags.


My typical flight schedule on a typical day. Two flights arriving every 15 minutes. I’m still optimizing it, like making sure the two arriving flights aren’t connected to the same baggage bay.

Still reading?
Thank you! Please let me know what you think and especially what could be done better or more efficiënt! Also feel free to ask any questions. :smile:


Nice airport :wink:
Is this all within the regular map space? Or did you sue the map-expension trick?

Wow impressive ! It is very well organised, espacially the flight planner were I generaly dont give it too much though (I definitly should though). A +1 for the baggage claim ! The areas seems quite large though and the white a little “cold” but other than that it’s a great design !

Thank you! It’s the regular size. The full-sized maps are a bit too much for my pc at the moment haha.

Would love to build airports with over 10k passengers though, but I guess that’s just a matter of time and the downside of EA games. :wink:

Thanks! Hahah yeah, I just like to handle as much flights as possible everyday (maximum money :heart_eyes:). Can get a bit boring indeed.

The baggage claim was very time consuming and it is a bit big. Just thinking ahead haha. It’s still WIP so I guess I can improve it. Got any suggestions? :wink:

“My typical flight schedule on a typical day. Two flights arriving every 15 minutes. I’m still optimizing it, like making sure the two arriving flights aren’t connected to the same baggage bay.”

Name your Bagage bays and Plane stands in a manner that you know they are connected. The Plane-stand name in the schedule then can be used to split between them.

Hi jasper,

I see you can name belts and Checkin desk.
How do you name the flight planner and stands,

As I’m sure my flight planner slots ain’t the same as when the stands were created?

If you rename a stand (click the name “small stand” or “medium stand”), you see it show up in scedule.

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Well, it’s just A1 - A2 and A3 - A4 etc. that are connected, so planning A1 and A3 at the same landing times would solve the issue. :smile:

The bays are named ‘A1-A2’ btw. It’s just a little headache in the planner as I feel like the unused space in the evening could be used to have some more time between flights.

You are welcome ! Well I like to do a very long shop and inside build like mini-shops with different layout and ground textures, it makes like a small shopping strip but you have only one contract to handle, quite practical xD

4.2. Bag Scanning Area

Hi Vulcan Fox.

The Third Scanning (Red destroying machine) in the top left of the picture, what is the purpose of this machine here?

I am still learning certain aspects of baggage.

If i am understanding the arrows wont all bags proceed to this machine, as the 5 belts do not cut into the main belt to move them downwards to the bays or are there tilt switches?

Oh that is actually a very nice idea. I was thinking about multiple shops along the long hallway, but that might be a better approach, so I can actually complete the contracts. :wink:

Hey, it is meant for bags that have no destination anymore (due to flight already gone etc.).

The tilt trays will guide the bags to the correct bay. However when there is no ‘assigned’ bay, the bags will have no place to go and will get destroyed. It’s more a safety feature. :smile: