Guys don't build an airport to Antartica

First of all you don’t get any small commercial flights. I didn’t test medium jets but they probably would work fine.

Secondly you get GA flights from extremely far away places :smiley: Ohh and Antartica doesn’t have snow as you can see

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Just waited for someone to test this out… :smiley: … kind of interesting to see what it does.


I guess Climate Change did it just joking! I guess default snow texture is not in the game yet or you can’t make default winter all the time. It be nice pick your own default weather ground texture.


It is but we need some biome data to simulate stuff like this. Sadly it’s not prioritized right now.

There are so many things that could benefit from having location awareness :slight_smile:

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Indeed! We do have coordinates however, and I know there are some really cool community ideas of how to generate realistic routes… :wink:


It lets you build in an area with 0 permanent residents but I cannot build an airport in my state capital city or the largest city in the state? Please fix that…

Haha, my third airport is also in antarctica!

But i do get small flights. maybe its because you didnt build one of your small stands at a terminal?

Stands are active and can be seen on flight planner. The reason of no flights is that the closest airport is further than Cessna and DHC ranges.

But GA is completely different story.

Right now on my antarctica airport the planes do never request fuel, neither GA nor commercial…

It probably would cost too much, they make sure they have a round trips worth before coming there.

Heck ima build in a middle of a volcano now