[Guide] Passenger separation by using international zones

With the normal secure zones it is never possible to prevent the mix-up between arriving and departing passengers. Arriving passengers may seek for a toilet in the departure area or departing passengers may want to go the the arrival area.

But with international zones it’s technically possible to prevent the mix up and lead arriving passengers to the baggage claim and exit.

  1. Separate the international stand*1 entrance by a wall, plant or staff zone. Just make sure that the international zones do not connect.
    (If you provide a staff zone, then your staff can cross between the zones and can choose the quickest way to reach the staff rooms or job tasks.)

  2. Build two independend international zones.
    Important: Both require incoming and outgoing passport controls. For the “arriving”-zone, one checkpoint is enough as it won’t be used by anyone. For the “departing”-zone be aware that cancelled flights force more passengers to leave the zone.

  3. Now, arriving passengers will only use “international zone 1” while departing passengers have no reason to enter it, as the boarding desk they head to is in “international zone 2”.


  • *1 In the default settings, this applies only for Large Stands. If you want the separation with international zones for Small and Medium Stands, use the Gameplay Setting for “Realisting International Stands”
    More Information about that: [Guide] Gameplay Setting: Realistic International Stands & Shengen Visa Rules
  • For Remote Stands, you can place an arrival only bus stop in the international zone for arriving passengers. Then you have the separation for international remote stands as well.