Ground and vehicle maintenance

First of all well done on creating a good alpha. I have big hopes for your final product.

I would like to suggest a ground maintenance system. The idea is to crate a job for ground maintenance personal that keeps the runways and the stands in shape. They could even maintain the vehicle depot and pump stations. To me the current repair system is a little frustrating because it feels “fake”, meaning its only the click of a button and its done. To me it would be nice if you could hire people to service the airfield levels an structures.

I think if the vehicle could brake down an be serviced it will also add to the fun of a true airport simulation.

Thank you for listening.

Hope it is a realistic request

Kind regards.

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I’m sure this will be implemented in future. The devs are currently fixing the bugs, and working on the flight scheduler!

how about a maintenance truck?? to go round to the stands and such??

I really like this idea. I should not be made to make repairs continuously. Being able to hire a crew to take care of the runways and the stands would be awesome.

I think the next major update should include your ideas as according to the Road Map on the website the next update should include these new vehicles and services that go with it.

I will need to check out the road map. Thanks for the heads up.

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