Ground agents can't go to baggage bay

I am new to the game. I have hired plenty ground agents and also built passage way from the terminal building to the baggage bay for them. But somehow they just got stuck in the terminal building and couldn’t find their way to the baggage bay. What have I missed? I just look so stupid!!!


The baggage bay must be in a secure zone which is reachable.
Can you provide us some screenshots of your airport with active zone overlay (z key) showing the entire path?

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Is this good?

Every security zone needs their own security checkpoints.
From the screenshot, i would say this isn’t the case.

And in your case, I would suggest to merge those zones.
Ramp agents lose time leaving and entering secure zones. And that could cause delays.

Got it! Thanks! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Don’t know why I did that. Guess I had a plan in the beginning, but didn’t implemented in the way I wanted.

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