Great British Airlines

Airline Name: Great British Airlines

Airline Description: Founded in 2010 to seize the British luxury market from the increasingly frugal British Airways, Great British Airlines, owned by the Heniston Group, gives its customers a luxury experience travelling around Europe in stylish leather seats, with a leather stitched headrest in the colours of the Union Jack. The airline plans to open a number of select route across the atlantic in 2019. However the cost of luxury continental travel comes at a cost to the customer, but this should also benefit any airports taking on these flights.

Airline CEO Name: Sir Henry J Lloyd

Airline Design Image:


Oooohh nice! I was wondering when someone else would do a British themed airline :+1::grinning::joy:

Thank You :grinning:

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Love the logo, I think i prefer it to the actual British Airway one!

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