Graphics Issues with Saved Games

Hi All. Hope you can help. When I load a saved game or delete large sections dueing a game, some of my graphics become obscure and I cannot see certain objects, check in desks etc. I have checked and on my Windows 10 HP Laptop all drivers are up to date. If I disable one of the 2 switchable graphic drivers the issue goes but it struggles to run at 1fps! Running RADEON Graphics card. Please help… Love the game but this is killing me…

What amount of VRAM does your graphics card have?

It’s a radeon he 7620g.

Hd 7620g.

Looking at the specs it’s 512mb.

512 MB is way below the required amount to be able to run the game properly, that is probably what is causing your issues. The minimum requirements for running the game is at least 1 GB of VRAM.

I will double check this as I can run the game well from a start but it’s when I save and then load it later that it becomes a problem.

Atm I am helping people in Anno 1800 with memory issues too, I found that they all had very small Page Files set. Don’t know if it plays here, but you could check on it.

Sorry I am an IT idiot! Where can I change this??

Hi Olaf. I have 2GB DDR3 Dual Graphics card. Hope this helps with ideas why I am having issues.

I could write it out ;), but someone else wrote it out like this, does that help you enough?

Thats great thanks. What kind of size do u think i need for it to run well??

The DDR3 memory is most likely your RAM and not your graphics card’s VRAM. I checked Radeon HD 7620G and it’s stated to have 512 MB VRAM, which is half of the required at least 1 GB VRAM.

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It’s 7620g and 8670M card which apparently is 2gb. Dual Graphics card I have been told.

I have no idea if A-CEO/Trinety can utilize bridged cards. Maybe not.

Yeah, I have no idea about that either. Which card is your primary card?

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I think you already found this out, but VRAM is referring to the video memory onboard the graphics card and not the virtual ram on the computer

Like what Olof said I’m assuming that when you run the game it’s using the 7620g by default and when you disable one of the graphics drivers it’s then running the game with the 8670M. You might be able to switch the primary GPU via software without disabled one of the drivers (most likely the AMD software) and gain better performance that way, although I’m not sure if it would improve performance enough to make the game playable. What is your CPU usage when running the game? That may also have a large effect on the problems your having

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I have reinstalled Windows 10 and deleted all the rubbish and it is ok so far. Thanks for all the help.

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I think @bootsie123’s writeup is excellent. Can you confirm that you’re running the external GPU and not the internal one? If you can confirm that you are running the game with the better one (the one with more than 1GB VRAM) it’s significantly easier to help, because all I’m thinking now is that you’re running out of VRAM memory for all the textures and stuff we’re piling onto the GPU. There’s actually a reason why you need a certain amount to run the game… :smiley: