Goose Wings

Airline Name: GOOSE WINGS

Airline Description: Goose Wings established in 2012 as a subsdiary of a well known, high quality airline company. It focuses cheaper flight than it’s parent company at mediocre price range in European flights.
It’s name comes from wild geese’s stabile, powerful flying style.

Airline CEO Name: Kaan Ozturk

Airline Design Image:

An alternative one with minor change



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Nice job. I like the goose.

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For the moment, the best one for me ! :thinking:


thank for your responses.
I added an alternative one, with minor change. can’t decide

Yep, the second one is better for me !

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Very nice indeed. I personally like the first one, it incorporates the actual logo instead of the words, and the second one looks a little too busy for me.


Haha, what airliner did you shut down for this? xD

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@Patje89 I filled in the blanks, no airliners were harmed :stuck_out_tongue:

@HawkeDB still can’t decide. maybe community tell something

Glad your Goose got in the final selection, was my first vote of 5. :slight_smile:

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Now that I look at it, in the contest voting there seems to be wrong version of the livery, the logo is missing.

thank you @HawkeDB :+1:

I think they choose first (original) one

Ohh, so it was intensional I thought it looks weird without the and that it might be a mistake. Ok that explains it.

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