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Hi all,

I saw many really great airport designs in the past. I think the most ones are built in a sandbox game. I would like to ask if you have any recommendations for a good start layout of a non sandbox game. Especially if you want to expand the airport over a long time.
The budget is very limeted for preparing such a big airport, so I’m not able to built a runway in such a distiance to the terminal like I imagine for a later expansion stage.
How do you start?

Hi japhias,

you don’t necessarily need to play in Sandbox to start with a bigger airport. If you just want to increase your funds a little or a lot, you can either use a money cheat or edit your funds in the GameData.json file in the saves folder of Airport CEO in your user data (let me know if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

However, if you wanna take the challenge and don’t use any cheat or change the game data, I suggest that you take the two million dollar start option, because if you take less than that it will be extremly hard to start with anything other than GA traffic and with that it takes forever to make a decent profit.

With two million dollars you can start with something that looks like this:

Later on I added a baggage claim area on the left and more check-in counters on the right. Also I left enough space between the terminal and the taxiway to build medium stands eventually. Later it looked like this:

As you can see I built that terminal on the edge of the map to leave enough space to build a new and bigger terminal within a second runway. For me that was a good way to start and left plenty of room for development.

also with 2,000,000 starting money and construction simulation turned off this can be built!

You can build with even less by not building jetways with first floor and make stands terminal-side remote stands. Then you need to have 4 stair trucks for each stand. Maybe even less if you program 1 stand to accept ATR, BAE etc only.

True but eventually the price of the 4 stair trucks will be more than getting the jetways

I think jetways should be much much more expensive. Also airlines should pay much more to use them than remote stands. I guess this will be in an upcoming alpha when the game is balanced more.

It seems that you unfortunately can not extend runways any more.
The good start layout needs to reflect that. You need reserve some space for a second, longer runway. :roll_eyes:

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