Good countries for a mix of domestic/international flights

Just wondering what countries are small enough to generate international flights, yet large enough to still have domestic ones as well. Bonus if said country is a low/no snow region

Anything small with multiple countries around or any airport nearby borders.

If you don’t like snow, check out Greece, Egypt, Turkey, South Spain, Tunisia, South Italy,

For the American continent, how about El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala…

All countries are able to create international flights. Even island nations in Pacific Ocean can get international flights from US, China, Japan, Australia or New Zealand.

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That may be the case, but when you have an airfield in Florida, with 1/3 international gates, and airlines point blank refuse to generate flights for those gates, something is not working right.

I’ve run a game for 3 weeks, with an airline that has only access to said gates. The number of appropriate flights it has generated? 0.

I did raise this issue back in March last year. Nothing has been done about it. Good to know I’ve wasted my money.

Are you playing with realistic international flights or in the default setting where only large stands require international zones?

Realistic. Airport was north of Miami. Lots of small Caribbean countries to fly to, as well as south America. No large gates, only small and medium, some (1/3) set to international, with the appropriate supporting security/international zones. ALL gate allocated to specific airlines.

It’s basically the same situation I was having March last year.

It seems the only way to get things running properly is to either have all domestic or all international gates, or don’t allocate any gates to airlines. Neither situation is even remotely realistic in any international airport.

With small planes I would say the range for international is too short, but medium I would expect.

Do you use modded airlines?
When yes, then I would recommend the Tweaks mod. As then, modded airlines use realistic destinations. Non US airlines like those from Mexico, the Caribbean erc. will then not offer any domestic flights.

I do use modded airlines, but I’ve avoided Tweaks because the supporting mods/files needed to get it run sound to me like a ‘tip of the iceberg’ situation. Does the destinations of airlines work for pre-tweak airlines?

As for short planes on international flights, Miami to a lot of Caribbean islands are basically in range of any aircraft.

It works on all mods that have country tags set, so andyc and mine all have it even pre-tweaks…

So I did a bit of digging, and it turns out the one airline that was giving international flights was a custom one that had a country code in it’s json file. The ones that weren’t, didn’t have a country code. This is without teaks running.

Installed tweaks, going to try a few things out. But the above discovery poses a couple of questions:

1: No country code essentially makes the airline domestic only?
2: Is it possible to give a default airline a country code? If so, can someone go step by step how it’s to be done. Work on the principle that I have never made a mod for this game before and am clueless how to create one.

  1. Yes, it makes it local airline in tweaks
  2. Vanilla airlines never tried to set cause the handling how livery loaded is different. I guess you can set it in the game files but each small update will overwrite it
  1. Local yes, but still able to offer international if planes have reachable destinations outside the country.

The whole reason of the OP is because this WASN’T happening.

Supplementary tweaks questions -

1: If an airline does have a country code, can it still give international flights if the airport is in the home country, or is that also a domestic only?
2: This q might be beating a dead horse, so forgive me if it is - can a ‘home’ airline be forced to international only, or is that ability limited to foreign airlines?

Country Codes only relate to tweaks and it is like realistic.

  1. Home airline can have both
    1a. We can set different Country Codes like easyjet have
  2. It is possible to set that on tweaks, yet we didn’t
    2a. It is possible to block countries

Check the github wiki

And here for more details

Generally, you get a good mix if you base your airport in a country with fewer airports than a much larger country it borders. For example, base an airport in Canada or Mexico and then you’ll see a big variety of USA flights on all variety of aircraft sizes.

Only thing to remember in European countries is the impact of Schengen rules. They’re very well simulated in the game but can complicate your airport layout trying to gauge the balance :slight_smile:

I’ve moved some airlines to my native modding folder and changed the array of allowed countries. As example Eurowings contains all their bases and now only offers flights from those countries to my airport.

So if you want to force a US airline to offer only international flights, you can set an array of countries you want them to fly to.


I hadn’t thought of that workaround. A lot of TwoCflyer’s mods come with twinned airlines. One could be left without a code, while the international one could have codes added. Hmmmm…

Now, is there a list of in game country codes, or is it just the ISO 3166 alpha 2 codes?

Just iso…
Or you can check the forum pinned real airline list, theee you can sort by country and get the code too

Ok. Sorry to be a pain guys, but there is another problem that I can’t figure out. This is with tweaks active.

Some of the flights are automatically failing fuel servicing before they even get to the stand. I can see the fuel drop is red while they are still on the taxiway. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it. Identical flights in every other way, some are ok, some fail. Same company, same plane type, same destination, same EVERYTHING. There is enough fuel of the right type. There is enough trucks. They are connected. The service is on.

This is something that never happened until I put tweaks in, and it has me baffled. It doesn’t say the fuel wasn’t requested. It says it was wanted, and failed.

Any ideas?

Edit: Eh. A reload seems to have fixed the issue. Odd one.


Adding this to the list of things to look into…

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