Go around to short

Whenever a go-around happens, the plane lands like 5 mins later, in game time.
IMO a go-around should put a 15-20 minute delay on that specific flight for realism.

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Not sure about the realism aspect of 15-20 minute delay. If a plane goes around, it generally comes in at the earliest possible opportunity unless there is something that would prevent the aircraft in question landing safely. ATC generally try to give that aircraft the shortest/fastest vectors back to an approach and it typically takes less than 10 minutes.

Ahh, i just tried to imagine, going up, redoing the check list and do a traffic pattern would take about, yeah well 10-15 minutes. :slight_smile:

When plane goes around it takes 10-25 minutes to return, depending on airport traffic load, after plane goes around it does a loop, then returns back to airport if runway is vacant :

But I’d rather have this update in A36 when we get all sorts of ILS upgrades like CAT I II III weather radars more realism etc, so it’s not like right now by chance. :smile:

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Thanks, and agreed.

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I feel like it would be important to first get a way to counter-act the delay this causes. This currently happens fairly often without a real way to influence it. Increasing the go around time would essentially mean that you are guaranteed to have a delay on 5% of your flights.

If we could somehow prioritize a flight, or get the game to recognise a delay on “late arrival” and thus not counting it towards satisfaction.

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I’ve talked to Olof about this a while ago when it first started and the timing, it seems, for this will be the go around time.

Yeah like change the gate in last minute would be very useful.

It would be nice having “standby” gate that you can switch on when you click on stand, so when that gate is vacant flight on which gate other flight is delayed goes there, and not delaying the progress, like AF228 changing gates from A5 to A7 because KL791 is delayed at A5 :wink:


Atm, the game itself causes enough “irregs” by bugs and we have no decent possibility of irreg-handling.
So I am strongly against things like “go-around” as long there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s ruining the game as it is currently and there should be an option to turn off disasters of all kind and this go-around is one of them.

I think another point to realize is that realistically there are going to be delays no matter what you do. We don’t live in a perfect world where every flight arrives and departs on time. Although, I do agree that it would be nice if there were more factors we could control to minimize delays.

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Delays add something interesting to the game, however the game currently does not make a distinction between “player-delays” and “other delays”. I’m fine with an aircraft arriving late, and therefore also departing late, but I shouldn’t be penalised for something I cannot control.


I think a prerequisite for changing the go-around time is allowing other aircraft to land in that time frame, which in turn requires more advanced ATC. This way aircraft can be lined up on approach with minimal separation, if the first aircraft performs a missed approach, it rejoins at the end of the line.

It would also be nice if missed approaches only occurred if the runway is still occupied by another aircraft, high crosswinds are present, or visibility is low. Airline pilots don’t randomly botch an approach (other than Air Canada landing in San Francisco) .

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In reality by far most go arounds are due to technical issues of the airplanes themselves. In the game it’s far too often however. If it would happen once a day in average I’d think that’s already a lot (if you follow some aviation news, you don’t see the same airport very often unless there’s some really bad weather).

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This is what I’m saying since this feature was introduced.
I’d also like to have a “no disasters” option that would include go-arounds. (Really I would like to set the probability for each disaster myself…)

Sure there are more go-arounds than there are mentions of them. That’s because they mostly happen on airports that don’t mater enough to be mentioned. Those airports that are worth mentioning do have it for technicalities, as they can’t afford not to have landing lights.

I would disagree, the majority of go arounds are due to unstable approaches or loss of separation. Spend some time at any major airport and even on the best of days, you will probably see one or two aircraft go around. This is not a significant event so I doubt there would be any reason to hear about it from some website or news source.

As for how long it would take to return and land. On the same runway and visual conditions, best case it would take about 5 minutes. 10-15 would not seem unreasonable if you consider other traffic and weather necessitating an instrument approach.

In a simulation where 12 days are one year, I don’t really count the minutes.

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