Getting procurement director

i’ve been playing for 10 hours now but i’ve no idea how to unlock the procurement pannel.
i know i’ve to hire a procurement director but how??
as soon as i open procurement director applications it will be closed as soon as i look back at the pannel.
please help someone?? i’ve to do it on a other way?

Unlock it? Don’t you just go to budgets and click on the Procurements?

it says: a procurement director is required to procure assets or unlocks. hire one via the boards panel.

You can hire him/her at staff. But first go to the board and open the position.

oh wow kinda easy. don’t even know why i didn’t look there yet.
thanks everyone for helping me!!


Maybe I should play the game again before trying to offer advice :stuck_out_tongue:


Clearly you weren’t testing hard enough @Bigbigcheese :stuck_out_tongue: The only added hiring board members actually doing something 1 or 2 versions before release.

Yeah, unfortunately I moved house and didn’t have the provisions to bring my PC with me… Sadtimes… Never finished my spellcheck either…

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