Getting more flights in a day

i think the turn around time of 4 hours is to long for some flights, maybe if we varied it and had mix number of times it would allow us to fit more flights in a day also increasing the profit. for example an airline can state they want this flight spinning in 1 hour and maybe another in 30/40 mins or even a 2/3 hour spin for bigger or longer flights.

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With the actual timescale, vehicle and processing speeds shorter turnaround times could get quite hard to fulfil. Turnaround time for remote stands got increased for an hour because of that reason.

IMHO the game needs to be more optimized before thinking about shorter turnaround times.


I disagree. Even currently 4 hours of turn around is barely enough for all services such as baggage and refueling. Also soon there will be catering, cleaning and de-ice features so maybe even 4 hours will not be enough.

This is also why majority of community requests 0.5x slower in-game time.

Although MAYBE some flights could requests lower turn around time if they don’t request refueling, cleaning, catering maybe even bagagge handling. Although due to aviation rules they must have de-ice and turnaround service.


In real live turn around times for ‘city hoppers’ is around 30 - 40 mins including disembark, cleaning, catering, bagage handling, re-fuel, boarding. So technically it should be possible, but still a lot to be done before the game is at that pace. First we need a stable basic process running and work from there. As the devs already stated, changing the in game time is a major building pit that will not happen soon. So let’s just accept it as it is now and focus on the options we do have and see a challenge in handling as much flights as possible with the given tools.


lower in game time would help as it is to fast


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