Get rid of any and all forms of "You can't"

Get rid of any and all forms of "You can’t"

Something that has been annoying me gravely while playing the game, is the “You can’t do X because of Y” notifications. For example: You can’t remove an airplane stand which has boarding desks connected. This basically means that the game forces me to manually remove all connections (which could be quite a few when using auto-boarding desks). This can easily be replaced by an “Are you sure you want to remove this stand? There are still boarding desks connected” notification, or something in that direction.

The same goes for the Delivery Site. I’m not 100% sure if that’s only used for construction materials or not, but even then, a notification saying “Removing the delivery site will prevent deliveries of construction material, X and Y. Are you sure?”. Since it’s such a critical part of the game (at least when playing with construction on), you could add a permanent notification on screen until a new site has been placed, to prevent the “tHiS GaMe iS bRoKeN” posts everywhere.

Any and all forms of “you can’t do this, you need to do that first” takes the flow out of the game. I think that in pretty much all cases, a simple yes/no question can completely replace the warning + manual action. If you click yes on deleting an aircraft stand, it makes complete sense that the boarding desk connections get deleted for example.

Why it should be implemented:

A “you can’t do this” popup takes you out of the flow of building something (especially when it also takes you out of the tool, like it does with the bulldoze tool when hovering over the delivery site), and they can easily be replaced by simple yes/no / ok/cancel popups, which could potentially be switched off in the options, for more experienced players.

Possibly a beta topic as they have to implement ways the game handles “stuck” passangers in boarding mode when we force remove something


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘beta topic’, to be honest. I haven’t been on this forum for that long yet.
Also, I don’t think my proposition would change anything in regards to what happens when something gets forcefully removed. What I meant were the pop ups that say “You can’t remove this plane stadn because check-in desks are assigned”, even though no flights are scheduled to use that stand. I understand that the “You can’t remove this stand because a flight is using it” pop up would have to be handled a bit more extensively, but to be honest, I think you should be able to just delete a stand, regardless if it’s being used or not. Sure, it should drop your rating for that airline (pretty massively), and there should be a warning, but again, it should be possible to disable those warnings for experienced players.

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Beta topic means for the extensive bug testing and fixing session after Alpha 36 is released to prepare for the final release.

Youre right it should be no issue. And i see your point it also bugged me and is frustrating, i think it should even be possible to delete anything even when flights are scheduled. There should be a warning and passengers of that flight should go home / to the info to change booking/ be frustrated.

But this “stuck” behaviour is not implemented yet i think.

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To quickly enforce how big of an issue this is:

I had some passengers stuck behind my boarding desks that weren’t ‘boarded’ (some security issue :innocent:). I figured I’d quickly put down an automated boarding desks, so they could board. After that was resolved, I simply wanted to remove the extra boarding desk, since it was a quick, temporary fix. Guess what, I have to:

  • Remove all flights from the plane stand associated with the boarding desk
  • Remove the stand connection
  • Finally remove the boarding desk

WHY?! There are 8 other boarding desks for this gate available, it’s not like I’m taking away their only way of boarding…


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