Germania Flug is rebranding

Germania Flug is rebranding. The name is already revealed and an aircraft already has been painted. And the name is…

Chair. Yep, Chair. This is their livery!


Just kidding, this is their livery. chair-ch-air-rendering-airbus-a319-1a
Not bad, right?


Here another picture :ch%20air%20plane%201

and we will see it soon also in aceo , because dawed is creating it.

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Did you open the ‘nope’ ? :upside_down_face:


no , now i see it , same picture , sorry :slight_smile:

i love the concept… and guess have the mod ready this week…
but why chair many of you will ask:

CH stands for the latin name of switzerland: confederatio helvetica
here in switzerland it is our top level domain code and also the country code on cars…

so like i saw the note on diaries from the ceo, they play with the ch, the air and together chair because you will sit inside an airplane

why rebranding? the german mother company Germania declared bankcruptcy but this didn’t affected the swiss Germania Flug. the shareholder is divided in Air Pristina and Enter Air from Poland… they will continue with same iata code and call sign Eiger