Gates and Terminals


How will gates and terminals work in game and will they function like aerobridges and on separate floors (because multi-floor is mentioned as being available only after sometime). Does this mean that we operate only with doors and stairs?

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That’s actually an interesting question, which brings me to this…

@Olof and @Fredrik, how will the terminals actually work when it comes to gates?? I’ve seen pictures and (even though it’s old) gameplay, and it shows tarmac boarding and jetbridge boarding… How would this work, if they’re already at 2 different levels? Would this mean then that multiple stories would come sooner than later??

The difference between a stand that is accessed via a door or via a jetway is abstracted out for the time being and will remain so until we start consider multilevel floors for real. So while there might appear to become a height difference when one upgrades to a jetway stand, in “reality” there isn’t, it’s just abstracted out.


Will there be gates to bus transport to the aircraft. It would be cool to have like a bus terminal and few busses per aircraft to collect the passengers at the gate.

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Eventually we plan to implement this type of boarding as well, but as of now the aircraft stands must be connected to the terminal in order to fully function.


I would really love to see that! A lot of airlines choose the remote stands because it’s cheaper.

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