Gate changes

I would to make it so I can have a spare gate or if the gate is free for the amount of time a plane can be parked there then rather than saying it can’t land due to full gate it will land but go to this free gate and may cause some passenger disruption and will be more realistic


Very good idea. I also missed an option to use a stand in mixed GA/Commercial usage - so let’s say 2-3 commercial rotations during the day and overnight GA flight (without switching the stand type all the time).

In the end - GA flights also have a schedule! We even should be able to drag them in/out to the stands through some sort of scheduler. :slight_smile:


excellent idea

Great idea, responded to a similar thread on this recently.

I agree entirely, it would be great to, subject to the same arrival time block, move a flight to an alternative stand.

I do this already if say the first of 3 flights a day on a stand is delayed, i will move the 3rd and final flight elsewhere if possible. But this is of course limited to flights not yet already on their way which is the issue.

Good suggestion

Personally I think the flight scheduler should just offer a “Change Stand” option, similar to the “Reschedule Flight” option, but where it’s fixed to the same time and can only change between stands that are currently free for the same time slot.

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The big chaos might be generated when the new stand is attached to another terminal or baggage bay. Means that feature would need a bit more logic behind.

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Still better than cancelling all flights and their little brothers for the sake of reconnecting stuff.

Can we make this the main thread for this idea??

The other one is older

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