Garbage Operation System (GOS)

The idea of implementing a garbage operation system. This can be done on small scale, but also expanded to a larger scale. Here’s what I’m thinking of:

  • More trash cans and bins for a start.
  • Trash cans and bins have no infinite space and need to be emptied.
  • Emptying could be done by service technicians or janitors.
  • Staff should empty the bins and trash cans in containers outside.
  • Containers will be emptied by garbage trucks.
  • Garbage Operation System could be turned on or off like baggage handling.

This could be expanded if the developers implement the aircraft cleaning, de-icing and catering, which could also produce garbage.

Added assets would be:

  • More bins (eg. bigger, more luxurious or separated garbage bins).
  • Thrash containers (differencing in size, separated garbage or no (could be like contractor dropoff)).
  • Garbage trucks (maybe coming with a contract for waste collection)

if aircraft cleaning, de-icing and catering is implemented (and they would produce waste):

  • Garbage trucks as a service vehicle (would collect waste and dispose it by the trash containers)
  • Bigger trash containers?

If you like this suggestion, please like it so the developers can see. If you have other suggestion about the GOS, comment it and I will take a look.

P.S. This is my first post so I don’t really know how things work here nor am I a professional coder so I have no idea if this is possible.


Hi @tomboss and welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing this, the idea sounds good and would add more realism to the game as garbage is a day to day operation on an airport.

Please have a read through this and this topic so you have a better idea of how feature requests and voting works on the forum.

Keep the good ideas coming and hopefully you will enjoy the game as much as we do :wink:


Very, very Good idea

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