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Hello all again!

I’m finally back from my hiatus and due to medical reasons I have way too much time on my hands now. The last time I played in 1.0.0, I gave up because of poor optimisation causing my airport (and especially planes) to stall and deadlock at around 10k passengers daily. Now, I want to ask all of you a couple of questions!

  1. Is the game more optimised now compared to when 1.0 just released? What I mean by this is that the game seems to tank at about 12k pax and above in the airport, even if the layout is as simple as possible

  2. Has pathfinding been optimised? When I drop by the forum once in a while I see reports of planes waiting literal in game hours for one plane to pass them just because they started taxiing first. Same goes for catering trucks, where instead of going to the nearest terminal assigned one they take a hike across the property to pick the finest of the fine depots, or when completing a task a vehicle must return to depot before starting the next task

  3. Is the game less buggy now? When 1.0.0 was released I recall, though infrequent, spells where pax just idle for way too long causing flight delays, baggage trucks doing donuts in the carpark now knowing how to go into the parking lot, planes having pathfinding issues even if the tools say they’re fine

Thanks all and have a great week!

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  1. There were a lot of patches. The number of possible passengers depends always on the hardware. And if the airport gets on the limit due to size, it’s possible to lower the passenger/flight ratio.

  2. Sadly, the path-blocking in taxiways is still there. :frowning: I hope for a change too. Currently you need a very intelligent one-way system with as less crossings as possible.
    Regarding vehicles I’ve never noticed issues. Catering depots and stands always deploy the closest parked trucks. If a truck has ended its job, it might get a new job in case it’s the closest available truck.

  3. Never noticed those loops and deadlocks on a correctly setted up airport. Looping cars happened only if their designated parking lot was already full.

Thanks nofun, and regarding #2 that was difficult the last time round as I didn’t know about the poor pathing and my airport was essentially an upside down U shape with only one other taxiway to cross

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