Game with constant lag

Hey guys.
My airport reached 28,000 passengers, when that happened I started to experience frequent lags, it was impossible to play.
I thought it was the number of passengers, and I took the following measures. 1 increased flight separation time, 2 reduced all graphics.
Even so, the game is still crashing, so I was more extreme, closed the airport, canceled all flights.
The airport is empty and the problems continue, any help?
I play on a GTX 1060 - 6gb, I have 16gb of ram.
I don’t know what it can be anymore :frowning:

Am I understanding correctly that all of your passengers have left (i.e. the counter is at 0) but the game is still very laggy?

28k PAX at the same time or the hole day?
Cause i have 10k to 12k at the same time and with normal speed i don’t having any lags.

If you want, i can take a look at this evening.

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