Game crashes when removing secure zone (solved)

Hello there!
Let me get to the point. About 2-3 hrs into an airport (not my first game) the game decided to crash any time I remove a secure zone (and only secure zone; it does not affect intl or staff zones). This did not happen before on that save and come to be quite suddenly. Also all of my previous saves are “corrupted” with this issue (some of them from 2019 even lol). Altho I’m playing on the “experimental branch” it seems I am the only one experiencing this issue, given no similiar posts on the forum, I’m quite puzzled by it (also damm, I don’t want to loose that save lol).

Id love to hear Your help or advice.

(and thats where, when I let go of the LMB, the game crashes to desktop)

This will be fixed shortly.


Thanks Guys! Its amazing what are You doing for this community. Thank You!

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