Game crashes when launching

Hi … Since alpha 34 my game keep crashing everytime for no reasons…
I uninstalled and installed the game so many time that i can’t even remember how many time i made it… When i play , the game crash and i have to reboot my pc , cause the crash freeze my computer , and a white pop up window appear with no message… with only the Logo of the game and the version of Unity. {4.23f1_c9cf1a90z812}…

I’m on the last version of airport CEO default branch .

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Hi Yans,

you can try this…

Go to the Steam Library
Right click Airport Ceo and select Properties
Under the General Tab click “Set Launch Options”. A dialog box will appear.
Type in “-force-d3d9” (without quotes) and hit OK.


The issue is still here… Nothing has changed.X

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Are you able to give us your PC specs please @Yans.

GPU : 1070TI 8GB gigabyte windforce
Ram : corsair vengeance pro 2x8GO DDR4-3200MHZ
Motherboard : X470 Aorus ultra Gaming …
OS : Windows 10 pro / 20H04 Update.
Monitor : XB240H acer predator , 25’ FHD 144Hz…

Give EXP branch a try.


Have you tried the solutions here?

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